Lesson Nine- The Progenitor: Abraham (Part 2)

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Study Guide

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Questions To Answer

1. Some argue that the sin of Sodom was the lack of hospitality. What is Scriptures response to that line of reasoning?

2. “The doom of Sodom and the hairbreadth escape of Lot illustrate the impending doom of the _________ and the nick-of-time escape of the _________.”

3. What is the significance of Lot being found sitting in the gate of Sodom?

4. What lesson can we learn from “Abraham had a tent; Lot had a house?”

5. “Whom God would destroy, He first makes __________.”

6. “Truly we cannot keep on imbibing the world’s ideologies without becoming __________ ourselves.”

7. “It is incredible how dull a backslidden person becomes to spiritual __________.”

8. Who were the descendents of Lot who became bitter enemies of Israel?

9. “To take another man’s wife is a sin worthy of __________ in God’s moral code.”

10. “Man’s way of handling awkward cases is to frame laws that make __________ to human lusts. It is not God’s way.”

11. What motivated Abimelech to do the right thing concerning Sarah?

12. “[W]hen we take our eyes off the Lord there is no end to the __________ we can commit.”

13. “What a rebuke it is when an unsaved man has to _________ a believer common ________ and _________.”

14. What was Abraham’s motivation for fabricating a story about Sarah being his sister? What truth did Abraham have to ignore in order to come up with such a plan?

15. God told Abimelech that Abraham was a prophet who would pray for him and his family would be restored. Abraham did pray and God fulfilled his promise. Consider James 5:16 in light of this occasion and comment on your understanding of prayer.

16. “Outside of Holy Writ all prognostications regarding the future are riddled with ambiguity, _________, and fraud, not to mention outright _________ deception.”

17. “A mere religious rite, weighted down as it may be with full biblical meaning and authority, does not _________ the _________.”

18. How does the life of Ishmael demonstrate the truth of the statement in question 17?

19. Paul makes it clear in Galatians 4 that the casting out of Ishmael is a remarkable spiritual allegory. What does this allegory teach?

20. “God’s answer to the flesh is the _________. It is not a question of a second ________, but of a deeper _________. It is not repeated salvation, but practical sanctification.”

21. “Dying to the world and to the flesh and to the things they have produced is not pleasant, but __________.”

22. “When we cut off the _________ and its work, Christ will always be more clearly ________. All too often our view of Him is obscured because we are so taken up with some pet thing of our own that, did we but recognize it, is nothing but a _________ expedient after all.”

23. What spiritual lesson can we learn from the sad story of Abraham, Hagar, and Ishmael?

24. What is the meaning of “Moriah?” What is the significance of that name and place?

25. “A watch that no longer truly records the passage of time has very little _________; a man who does not glorify God in his life negates the _________ for which he was made.”

26. Share three lessons that stand out to you from the testing of Abraham when he was ordered by God to sacrifice his son.

27. What is the meaning of “Jehovah Jireh?” How had God done so?

28. “The firstfruit of Calvary was the _________. We, who were not in the direct line of promise at all, are brought in by _________ to the Father’s beloved Son.”

29. What is the meaning of “Hebron?”

30. Abraham declares himself to be a stranger and sojourner when speaking to the sons of Heth. What does he mean by that? How should this attitude be manifested in the life of a Christian?

31. “The prevalent idea is that we must become involved in the world’s affairs, we must run for this office and that, become active in this club and that movement if we are going to do anything to alter the world’s social inequities.” How should a Christian react to this idea?

32. What is the significance of Abraham paying for the piece of land that he used to bury Sarah?

33. How does the story of the selection of Isaac’s bride illustrate the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer?

34. Give a modern illustration of a “Laban.”

35. Rebekah and Sarah are believed to represent Israel and the church. Which is which and why?

36. What is the first and second mention of love in the Bible?

37. Compare and contrast the life of Isaac and Jesus Christ in light of Hebrews 1:2, John 17:10, and Philippians 2:9-11.

38. Compare and contrast what the Scriptures have to say about the death of Abraham with the death of Ishmael.

39. “The devil has no _________ old men. This world is a great _________. It robs men not only of their youth and health, it robs them of peace and joy and innocence and everything else.”

40. What religious system did the descendants of Ishmael develop?