Lesson Four - The Curse

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Study Guide

Terms To Define






Questions To Answer

1. Why has Psychology made such terrible blunders when it comes to its understanding of man?

2. Explain the statement, “sin did not begin on earth; it began in heaven.”

3. What did Eve have in her possession that could have defeated Satan and his evil plan?

4. Satan is often portrayed as a silly, mischievous red devil with a pitchfork. Is this a correct picture of Satan? Why or why not?

5. God created Adam and Eve with specific roles. Whom did God create to fulfill the role of headship?

6. What are the three “D’s” of the Devil’s diabolic scheme for man’s destruction which he used successfully on Eve? Briefly explain each.

7. Explain Satan’s three-fold attack on the Word of God.

8. Explain how Satan’s tools of temptation listed in I John 2:16 were manifested in the temptation of Eve. Do the same for the temptation of the Lord Jesus (Matthew 4:1-11). Compare and contrast the two accounts.

9. Do you agree with the statement, “God respects our power of choice. It was a factor in the Fall, and it is a factor in salvation.” Why or why not?

10. Our author makes an interesting point by stating that “Satan’s aim was to turn the choice [eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil] into a chain.” Give two Biblical examples of a sinful choice becoming a “chain.”

11. What probably served as “clothing” for Adam and Eve before their sin?

12. What do the fig-leaf garments represent? Give three examples of modern day “fig-leaf garments.”

13. Why do you think that God asked where Adam was when He came to visit them in the Garden after their sin?

14. Adam and Eve invented the “Blame-Game.” Who blamed who, and how does this show the sinfulness of man?

15. The first Gospel declaration recorded for us is Genesis 3:15. How does this declaration mention both comings of Christ?

16. Did Adam and Eve believe God’s message of Salvation? Why or why not?

17. Explain the statement, “to rescue the fallen pair God acted not only in grace, but He acted also in government.

18. Why did God have “respect” for Abel’s sacrifice and not Cain’s sacrifice?

19. What are two ways to approach God, and where do they lead?

20. True salvation revolves around three focal points. What are they?

21. False religion, first introduced by Cain, replaces the three focal points of salvation with false substitutes. What are they?

22. “The difference between Cain and Abel, between the believer and the religious person, lies not in the person ______________ but in the object of his _____________. The one provides for _____________, the other accepts what _____________ has provided. God will accept us only in ______________.”

23. What four things mark Cain’s religion and any false religion? Briefly explain each.

24. How many times did Eve add to God’s Word? How many times did Eve subtract from God’s Word? Why is this significant?