The Bethel Family

We at Bethel Baptist mutually consider ourselves to be part of a special church family. While we desire to be an encouragement and blessing to others around us, as a family we have some things we need and want to share with each other exclusively. Part of the purpose of this website is to accomplish just that. Therefore, as you browse this Family section, you will find bracketed [links] that require a member login to continue. This is for the protection and privacy of our church family.

Family Access

Please review this helpful information if you are a member or regularly attend Bethel Baptist Church.

If you are in our 2008–2010 church directory, we have already set up a login and password so you can have access to any login-required sections of this site. If you do not have your login information please call or e-mail the office.

If you are not pictured in our directory, but attend Bethel regularly and would like to have access to these pages, please contact us.