Lesson Eleven- The Propagator: Jacob (Part 1)

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Study Guide

Terms To Define










Questions to Answer

1. “God never hurries and never skimps His work in a human ______________. He is working for ______________.”

2. “He [Isaac] had two words for his son, one ______________ and one _____________; one dealing with the matter of a _____________ and one dealing with the matter of ______________. Decisions in both areas will affect a man’s life for time and for eternity. One cannot be too careful in dealing with either one of them.”

3. Who was Rebekah’s father, and how was he related to Abraham?

4. “What Isaac wanted for his tough-minded, difficult, willful boy was what every spiritually-minded father wants for his child. He wanted to see Jacob married to a ______________, and he wanted to see him walking in the ways of the ______________.”

5. What, most likely, motivated Esau to take a wife from the house of Ishmael? Did this accomplish what he hoped?

6. Who is the “ladder” that Jacob saw in his dream? What did this dream declare about the “ladder?”

7. What did Jacob name the place of his dream? What was this place called before Jacob renamed it? What is the significance of this name change?

8. What was the vow that Jacob vowed before God at this place of his dream?

9. “Zaccheus was not saved because he ______________; he ______________ because he was saved. The same was true for Jacob.” Explain this statement.

10. “It is one thing…for a person to be ______________; it is another thing for him to be ______________.” Explain this statement.

11. At Bethel, Jacob learned what God is like. What did he learn at Haran?

12. “God sees to it that in what measure we ______________ it is ______________ to us again (Matthew 7:2).”

Give to examples of this truth in the life of Jacob.

13. Name the children of Jacob from oldest to youngest and identify the mother of each.

14. How does the saga of the birth of Jacob’s children and his relationship with their mothers illustrate the struggle between spirit and flesh?

15. “Weak and stumbling though he was, Jacob’s ______________ combined with his business ______________ had made its impact [on his uncle].”

16. What was Jacob’s strategy to provide for himself materially? Was his plan successful? How did he arrive at such a plan?

17. “What a blessing it is when the ______________, which looks so attractive to us, finally turns _____________ on us. It is then that we are willing to _____________ to what God has to say to our ______________.”

How did God perform this truth in Jacob’s life?

18. “How ______________ we are when somebody wrongs us. How ______________ we are to the wrongs and ills we have done to other people.”

19. “True prosperity is ______________, not _____________, it does not reside _____________, but where ______________ is. We have to look higher than this world for true prosperity.”

Give two New Testament passages that teach this truth.

20. Why was Laban so troubled by the theft of the household gods?

21. How does the story of Rachel’s theft of her father’s gods illustrate the futility of worshiping false gods?

22. “Jacob lost his ______________ and , as usually happens in such cases, he lost his ______________ along with it.”

23. Explain the meaning of the pillar that Laban and Jacob erected from both of their points of views.