Lesson Sixteen- Worldview: Origins

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Study Guide

You should do your work on a separate piece(s) of paper and use this handout as a guide.

For each of the following origins:

1.Write down as many references that you can find that speak to that specific origin and include a one-sentence summary of how that reference applies.

2. Make a list of man’s ideas about each origin and provide a corrective statement for each.

3. Record at least two Bible references outside of the book of Genesis that support the statements of Genesis.

4. Write a concise worldview statement that you can live by.

Assigned Origins:

1. Origin of the universe

2. Origin of order and complexity

3. Origin of life

4. Origin of man

5. Origin of marriage

6. Origin of evil

7. Origin of languages and nations

8. Origin of culture

9. Origin of religion

10. Chose one on your own