Lesson Fourteen- The Provider: Joseph (Part 2)

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Study Guide

Terms to Define








Questions to Answer

1. Our author suggests that the "brides of the Bible speak of Christ and His churchnot all of them, but many of them." Explain what each of the following brides picture concerning the church.




2. What name did Pharaoh give to Joseph? What did it mean to the Egyptians? What did it mean to the Hebrews?

3. "The unsaved man needs to know only one truth about JesusHe is the ______________ of the world; He came into the world to save _____________, and He can save from the ______________ to come."

4. What are the names of the sons born to Joseph? What do their names mean?

5. Give a detailed outline of Joseph's dealings with his brethren. For each point, explain why Joseph dealt with them so. Keep in mind the three phases suggested by our author: mystery, majesty, and ministry.

6. "God allows the Holy Spirit to carry on a thorough work of ______________ and to bring people to the point of genuine _____________. Then and only then He brings the sinner to the point of ______________."

7. Our author teaches that the life of Joseph is a picture of God's dealings with Israel. Give three illustrations of how this is so.

8. "Any true appreciation of ______________ must begin with an appreciation of who He really ______________."

9. "We often make conversion such a ______________ business. We arm ourselves with proof texts, with 'the four spiritual laws,' with arguments, with proved methods. But with God it is all so simple: 'I am Jesus.' When the time is ripe, the ______________ reveals Christ to the sinner's soul in such a way, and the work is done."

10. "The revelation of Jesus to a human heart is bound to awaken thoughts of ______________. The first work of the Holy Spirit in a human soul is the work of ______________ (John 16:7-11)."

11. "There can be no true ______________ without ______________."

12. "Calvary represents the greatest possible ______________ in man's dealings with God and the greatest possible ______________ in God's dealings with man."

13. "How ______________ gets in our way of doing God's will! We have so many things and we want more _____________, bigger _____________, better ______________."

14. Why did Jacob stop Beersheba and offer sacrifices "unto the God of his father" as he made his way to Joseph and Egypt? What lesson can we learn from this example?

15. Which descendant of Issachar pricks our interest and why?

16. "The world's ______________ are not for us; its religious ______________ are anathema to us." How did Joseph plan to help the Israelites to keep this in mind?

17. What did Pharaoh mean when he said to Joseph, "if thou knowest any men [Joseph's brothers] of activity among them make them rulers over my cattle?"

18. "The ______________ dream, 'from each according to his ability, to each according to his need,' will come _____________, for Christ and not sinful ______________ will administer the resources of the world."