Lesson Thirteen - The Provider: Joseph (Part 1)

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Study Guide

Terms to Define
















Questions to Answer

1. What explanation does our author give concerning the “stringent command of God that the entire Canaanite race be eradicated?”

2. What three elements did the Edomite race contain?

3. The flesh “always finds the ______________ a more congenial place than the meeting place of the people of ______________.”

4. What explanation does our author give for God recording Esau’s history and that of the Edomites?

5. Who is the “outstanding type of the flesh in the Old Testament?”

6. “How quickly those who leave the fellowship of God’s ______________ pride themselves in their new ______________ connections!”

7. “Mules” or “hot springs,” which should it be?

8. List the “pedigree of the flesh.”

9. Respond to the following quote of our author:

“We must remember that Moses wrote Genesis. The other books of the Pentateuch, Moses wrote out of his experience, but not Genesis. Genesis he learned at his mother’s knee, for Genesis contained the oral traditions of his people, whispered from generation to generation in those slave camps on the Nile.”

10. “Touch the life of ______________ at any point, and instantly this or that aspect of the person or work of ______________ will be revealed.”

11. “The great goal of the Holy Spirit in the life of any person is to make him like _______________.”

12. How would Asher say “live high on the hog?”

13. Explain the significance of the coat given to Joseph.

14. Explain the two dreams of Joseph.

15. Explain what the author means by “types are a species of prophecy.”

16. Choose three parallels between the life of Joseph and the life of Christ. Explain each and include the New Testament reference.

17. “Active ______________ is always stronger than halfhearted ______________.”

18. Why did Judah have Onan marry Tamar?

19. Give two lessons to be learned from the tragic story of Tamar.

20. Through what seed of Judah was the line of Christ carried forward for another generation?

21. Joseph’s life serves as a testimony of how a Christian should live. Give three examples of how this is true and include a New Testament reference that teaches the corresponding spiritual truth.

22. “So often adverse ______________ find us _____________ our fate instead of looking for ways to _____________ the Lord Jesus in them and through them. We have to learn life’s _____________ before we can be trusted with life’s ______________.”

23. “Truly God’s schools are not like ______________. To prepare a man [Joseph] for such a position [second only to Pharaoh] we would send him to _____________; God sent Joseph to ______________.”

24. Who did Pharaoh represent and what was his function?

25. Our author mentions that God’s miraculous displays of power are used very sparingly. He classifies God’s miraculous displays of power into four categories. List these categories and explain each briefly.

26. Who does Abba Eban blame Christianity on?