Lesson Five - The Catastrophe

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Study Guide

Terms To Define










Questions To Answer

1. What future significance does Noah’s Flood have according to Matthew 24:37?

2. Whom did God use from the line of Cain to depict the Beast to come? Whom did God use from the line of Seth to depict the rapture?

3. Who is the first apostate revealed in Scriptures?

4. How did Cain manifest his indifference toward God’s person and God’s paradise?

5. “Man’s early indifference to God soon degenerated into _______________ of God.”

6. How did Lamech attack God’s plan for marriage?

7. How did each of Lamech’s sons contribute to “the new age of marvelous discovery?”

8. Lamech and the Lord both used “seventy times seven” to teach something. What did each of them teach with this phrase?

9. Compare and contrast the ancient world with the age in which we live.

10. What is the significance of “lived” and “died” appearing so often in the genealogy of Seth?

11. With whom did God establish a new family line that “began to call upon the name of the Lord?”

12. Who are you created in the image of?

13. With who did the line of prophets begin?

14. “Enoch witnessed to the _______________ of God.” Explain.

15. “Methuselah witnessed to the _______________ of God.” Explain.

16. “Lamech witnessed to the _______________ of God.” Explain.

17. “Noah witnessed to the _______________ of God.” Explain.

18. Who were “the sons of God” of Genesis 6:2? Explain your answer.

19. Our author says that Noah was “forgiven,” “faithful,” and “fruitful.” Explain how this is so.

20. Us the building and use of Noah’s ark as a metaphor for the gospel.

21. “What it meant for Noah to be “in the ______________” in his day is what it means for us to be “in ______________” today.” Explain.

22. “It is a principle with God that He witnesses in two ways to an age about to be relinquished to judgment—by faithful ______________ and by fulfilled _____________; by _____________ and by ______________.”

23. “The vast and costly work of ______________ was all in vain so far as the ______________ went.”

24. Was Noah’s Flood worldwide? Explain your answer.

25. What is meant by “and God remembered Noah?”

26. What day did the ark come to a rest? What significance does that day have in the life of Christ?

27. List and explain the general provisions of the Noahic covenant.

28. Who is the eldest of Shem, Ham, and Japheth?

29. What people groups came from Shem, Ham, and Japheth?

30. Can the curse of Ham be used to justify enslaving black people?

31. Who is Dr. C. Theodore Schwarze and what theory did he advance concerning the flood waters?

32. Why is it difficult to come to precise definitions of Hebrew names?