Lesson Six- The Coalition

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Study Guide

Terms To Define





Questions To Answer

1. Moses’ account of the geographic distribution of the human race is divided into three distinct families, one for each of Noah’s sons. What are these three families, which son of Noah did they descend from, and what were their primary geographic locations?

2. What country is always placed at the heart of Bible geography? Why?

3. Who was the most notorious descendent of Ham, and what is the meaning of his name?

4. What was the location of the first attempt for a united nations?

5. Who is the father of the Hebrew people and what is the meaning of his name?

6. Compare and contrast the first and final attempt to unify mankind into a one-world order.

7. Why did God judge man for building the Tower of Babel?

8. What symbolic meanings did our author point our in reference to Genesis11: 43?

9. Explain Genesis 11:4 and then give three examples of how we see this manifested in our world today?

10. “The whole idea [The Tower of Babel] was to glorify ______________ and to bind men together in a permanent union, and that in defiance of God’s ______________.”

11. “God has never permitted men to realize a lasting ______________ order from which He is ______________, nor will He do so to the end.” What implications does this statement have concerning the United States of America?

12. Which of Noah’s sons was the “father” of Abram?

13. What empire was the Ur of the Chaldees a part of?

14. Where did Abram get “bogged down” in his response to God’s call to go to a country that He would show him?

15. Who seems to be the instigator of Abram’s wasted years in the place where he was “bogged down?” What does this instigator represent?