Lesson Two - Forward, Preface, The Creation

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Study Guide

Terms To Define







Questions To Answer

1. Genesis has been called "the _______________ of the Bible" because all the vast forests of Scripture start there as seedlings. (9)

2. Genesis "gives us the beginning of everything except _______________." (9)

3. How shall we approach this vast book? (9)

4. "If the Holy Spirit cannot be trusted when He tells of ______________, how can He be trusted when He tells of ______________?" (35)

5. What "isms" are swept aside by "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." How? ( 36)

6. What three theories are mentioned by our author which are used in an attempt to reconcile Genesis with geology? Respond to each theory. (36-37)

7."Moses did not write Genesis 1 according to theories of creation current in the schools of his day, even though he was 'learned in all the wisdom of the _______________.'" (Acts 7:22) ( 37)

8. What are the three Hebrew words are used to describe the process of creation? Give the distinctions of these three words. (38)

9. "Genesis is a statement of ______________ and science knows nothing of ______________." (38)

10. What to guides should we take along in our exploration of Genesis? (39)

11. What two explanations does our author give for the chaos of Genesis 1:2? Which do you hold as true? Why?

12. What is meant by the statement "God's words are not only legislative, they are executive?" (40)

13. "Twice every day, since the dawn of creation's third day, the ______________ of the earth have owned the ______________ of God." (41)

14. How did we arrive at our current classification system of earth's vegetation? (42)

15. What is "the rock upon which the whole theory of evolution perishes? (42) Explain.

16. Explain how Genesis 1:16 clearly demonstrates the Divine authorship of Genesis? (43)

17. How does 50 chapters about the Tabernacle and five words about the stars develop the perspective of the Bible? (43)

18. How does man stand "apart from the brute creation?" (45)

19. In what three ways did God crown Adam? Explain each briefly. (45-47)

20. What does the "rest" of God tell us? (47-48)

21. "Today we rest not on a special ______________ but in a ______________." (48)

22. "These are the generations" underlines the basic movements of Genesis. What are these basic movements? (48)

23. How does Genesis deal with each of the following: (48-50)




24. What name of God hides within its depths the fact that God is a triune God? Explain. (48)

25. "The evolutionist preys upon our ______________. The Bible leads us to ______________." (50)

26. Can we change a person by changing his environment? Why or why not?

27. Was work a result of the sin of man? Why or why not?

28. "God did not make a ______________ man: He made a ______________ man." Explain this statement. (51)

29. What truth of Creation gives theistic evolutionists a "serious headache?" Why? (52)

30. What lessons can be learned about courtship and marriage from Genesis 2:18-25?

31. What is the marriage vow?

32. What is the marriage virtue?