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The trustees will help ensure ethical handling of all church funds and property.

Ministry Area/Department




Accountable To


Ministry Target


Position Is


Position May Be Filled By

Church member

Minimum Maturity Level

Stable, mature Christian

Spiritual Gifts

Administration • Giving • Serving

Talents or Abilities Desired

Experience and/or education in business and finance

Best Personality Traits

Trustworthy • Honest • Sincere • Discreet • Levelheaded • Mature • Analyst-expresser or analyst-dependable

Passion For

Good stewardship

Length of Service Commitment

Three Years

Anticipated Time Commitments

1. Doing ministry/preparing for ministry: two to four hours a month or as needed

2. Participating in meetings/training: one to two hours a month or as needed


  1. Declared in Article 4, Section 4 of the Church Constitution:
  2. This board shall consist of six, or more, members, two elected annually, for three-year terms, and shall be collectively the managing agent of the church business matters. They shall be selected for their spirituality, demonstrated business ability, and interest in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    They shall select from their group a chairman and a secretary, and keep minutes of meetings held. They shall hold meetings as the occasion arises; a majority of the board shall constitute a quorum.

    A. Duties of the Trustee Board:

    1. They shall have charge of the property and all temporalities of the church but shall not sell, mortgage, or otherwise encumber the real-estate or other property of the church without consent of the two-thirds of the members of the church who are present at a special meeting, called for that purpose by public notice at least two weeks previously. (cf. Art. 7, Sec. D, 1)

    2. They shall be responsible for the designation of a bank for general banking, and a depository for securities, and other valuables of the church.

    3. They shall acquaint themselves with the laws of the State of Montana, and the ordinances of the City of Kalispell, that pertain to churches, and see that such laws are faithfully obeyed in all matters affecting the church.

    4. They shall make expenditures only from funds allocated in the budget for their use, and/or from special funds to be designated by the church. Any item not so designated which calls for an expenditure of more than two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) must first be approved by vote of the church.

    5. They shall employ one or more caretakers, from the membership if possible, and to recommend their salaries, and determine their duties.

    6. They shall give a quarterly, and an annual report to the church of their meetings and activities.

  3. Oversee and participate in the general repair and maintenance of the property, facilities and all temporalities(ex.:paint, custodial, light bulbs, van, etc.).
  4. Be willing to serve on the Cleaning Team.
  5. Establish and review procedures for the church’s financial management.
  6. Serve as legal custodians of all church property.
  7. Represent the church in legal matters.
  8. Give input/financial advice to the budget committee and pastoral staff as requested.
  9. Execute bank notes, deeds and other legal documents after receiving approval at the church’s business meetings.
  10. Examine quarterly financial reports to monitor financial expenditures of the church.
  11. Assist in the process of awarding contracts for work that must be done to improve or repair church buildings and property.

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