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The librarian is responsible for organizing and maintaining the church library.

Ministry Area/Department




Accountable To

Associate Pastor/Pastor

Ministry Target


Position Is


Position May Be Filled By

Church member

Minimum Maturity Level

Stable, maturing Christian

Spiritual Gifts

Serving • Exhortation • Administration

Talents or Abilities Desired

Strong organizational skills • Experience in library work helpful • Able to type and write legibly • Detail oriented

Best Personality Traits

Analyst-expresser or analyst-dependable

Passion For

Helping others grow spiritually through printed and audiovisual resources

Length of Service Commitment

One year

Anticipated Time Commitments

1. Doing ministry/preparing for ministry: two to three hours a week

2. Participating in meetings/training: minimal, as needed


1. Schedule, coordinate and oversee library assistants and book reviewers. The Pastor will provide you with a list of approved book reviewers.

2. Obtain new and used books for library. Work with reviewers to seek approval, comments and recommendations.

3. Catalog and prepare all books for inclusion in the library:

a. Stamp church name/address inside and outside.

b. Prepare for checkout with pocket and card.

c. File books in proper location after cataloging (Dewey Decimal).

4. Repair torn pages/weak bindings before shelving books.

5. Oversee book checkout and return.

6. Shelve books in proper location.

7. Assist others with locating specific books/topics.

8. Follow up on overdue books.

9. Oversee budget and expenditures for the library.


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