Sunday School Secretary/Treasurer

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The Bible School secretary/treasurer is responsible for accurately calculating weekly attendance and offering totals for the Bible School program and for delivering offerings to the appropriate person. The Bible School secretary/treasurer is responsible for managing the supplies and equipment available for the Bible School program.

Ministry Area/Department

Christian Education/Sunday School


Bible school secretary/treasurer

Accountable To

Bible School Superintendent/Christian Education Pastor

Ministry Target


Position Is


Position May Be Filled By

Church member

Minimum Maturity Level

Stable, maturing Christian

Spiritual Gifts

Administration • Serving

Talents or Abilities Desired

Organized • Detail oriented • Basic math skills

Best Personality Traits


Passion For

Organization, accuracy and good stewardship

Length of Service Commitment

One year

Anticipated Time Commitments

1. Doing ministry/preparing for ministry: two hours a week

2. Participating in meetings/training: one hour every other month


  1. Declared in Article 4, Section 11 of the Church Constitution.
  2. The Bible School Secretary-Treasurer shall keep all records of the attendance and collection for the Bible School Department, and shall prepare and present at the annual meeting a report of the year's activities in the Bible School.

  3. Be on duty at the Bible School office at 9:30 each Sunday morning.
  4. Tally class attendance records to obtain weekly attendance figures.
  5. Tally verses memorized and lessons completed to obtain weekly figures.
  6. Calculate and record total of all classes’ tithes and offerings.
  7. Deliver all offerings to the appropriate location.
  8. Organize and keep inventory record of supplies in the Sunday School resource room.
  9. Report low inventory or special supply needs to the Sunday School superintendent.
  10. Distribute supplies as needed to teachers; *note items and quantity of inventory reduction on inventory record.
  11. Sign out special equipment loaned to teachers and assistants. Sign in equipment returned.
  12. Participate in training opportunities/meetings (3rd Sunday bimonthly).
  13. Submit a report of the year’s Sunday School’s activities at the annual meeting.


*We are currently working toward this.

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