Sunday School Superintendent

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The Bible School superintendent will lead and oversee the ministry of the Bible School. This person will assist in the proper staffing, training and operation of each department.

Ministry Area/Department

Christian Education/Sunday School


Bible school superintendent

Accountable To

Christian Education Pastor/Pastor

Ministry Target


Position Is


Position May Be Filled By

Church member

Minimum Maturity Level

Stable, mature Christian

Spiritual Gifts

Administration • Exhortation

Talents or Abilities Desired

Good organizational and leadership skills

Best Personality Traits

Motivated • People oriented

Passion For

Reaching, teaching and nurturing people through Sunday School ministry

Length of Service Commitment

One year

Anticipated Time Commitments

1. Doing ministry/preparing for ministry: three hours a week

2. Participating in meetings/training: one hour a month


  1. Declared in Article 4, Section 10 of the Church Constitution
  2. The Bible School Superintendent with the advice of the Pastor and Sunday School teachers and officers shall appoint assistants and teachers. They shall select the Sunday School materials to be used, and perform other duties relating to the Sunday School. The Bible School Superintendent shall submit an annual report.

  3. Recruit volunteers to serve in Sunday school ministry.
  4. Assist the Pastor with the Development and implementation of a training program for Sunday school leaders (teachers and workers).
  5. Obtain information on Sunday school curricula; inform teachers of selection; order curricula.
  6. Oversee distribution of Sunday school material or store it in a designated location for easy access by leaders.
  7. Recognize, encourage and motivate Sunday school workers.
  8. Communicate information regarding goals, special days, etc.
  9. Oversee operation of Sunday school ministry (teachers on hand, lessons available, start/end on time, record procedure followed/forms completed, etc.).
  10. Serve as a liaison between Sunday school and pastor.
  11. Know, understand and see to it that the Bethel Baptist Church’s Abuse Prevention Policy is being followed.

*We are currently working on this.

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