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A deaconess is responsible for ministering to the needs of church members and offering support to the pastors and deacons as requested.

Ministry Area/Department




Accountable To


Ministry Target

Church members

Position Is


Position May Be Filled By

Church member

Minimum Maturity Level

Stable, maturing Christian

Spiritual Gifts

Serving • Exhortation • Mercy-showing

Talents or Abilities Desired

Enjoy working with people

Best Personality Traits

Dependable • Compassionate • Discreet • Good moral character

Passion For

Ministering to the Body of Christ and assisting the pastor with the work of the ministry related to congregational care

Length of Service Commitment

Three Years

Anticipated Time Commitments

1. Doing ministry/preparing for ministry: two hours a month

2. Participating in meetings/training: minimal, as needed


  1. Declared in Article 4, Section 3 of the Church Constitution:
  2. Six, or more, deaconesses shall be elected for a term of three years each; one-third of the board being elected each year. They shall elect a chairman from their number, and shall meet at the call of the pastor or the chairman of this board. Their spiritual qualifications are to be found in such scriptures as: Titus 2:3-5; Philippians 4:3; Romans 16:1-6.

    Their duties shall be to assist the pastor and deacons in the administration of spiritual matters of the church as requested, to assist the pastor and deacons in visitation work, the baptism of women, the counseling of girls, the preparation of the Lord's Supper, and such other spiritual matters as requested and necessary. To assist bereaved families in ways appropriate to the need and occasion. They shall have general supervision of the floral committee, of the ladies' missionary work of the church, and shall be prayer warriors for all the needs.

  3. Organize and supervise funeral meals.
  4. Organize and supervise meals for families in need.

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