Lesson Nine—Gaius’ Inn / Vanity Fair / Giants Destroyed

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Study Guide

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Questions To Answer

1. What were the Christian’s characteristics that made his name famous? (p. 211)

2. What was Mr. Fearing’s chief problem? (p.212)

3. According to Great-Heart, how had the Lord prepared the Valley of the Shadow of Death and the River for Mr. Fearing’s passage? (p. 214, 215)

4. Honest asks Great-Heart for the “reason that such a good man [Mr. Fearing] should be all his days so much in the dark.” What was Great-Heart’s response? (p. 215)

5. James: “[T]here is not always _________ where there is the ________ of Hell, yet, to be sure, there is no ________ where there is no _________ of God.” (p. 216)

6. What was Mr. Self-Will’s philosophy about the Christian life? Explain why he was wrong. (pp. 217, 218)

7. Who became Mercy’s husband? (p. 221)

8. What did Gaius have to say about women, and how does this discourse set this book apart from others in the same time period? (pp. 221-222)

9. Gaius: “So let all ministering _________ to thee in this life beget in thee a greater ________ to sit at the supper of the great ________ in his Kingdom; for all preaching, books , and ordinances here, are but as the laying of the trenchers, and the setting of salt upon the board, when compared with the ________ which our _________ will make for us when we come to his House.” (p. 222)

10. What was our Lord’s dish when He was a child? (p. 223)

11. What did Gaius use as an analogy for the hard texts of Scripture? (223)

12. Answer this riddle: “He that would kill, must first be overcome; Who live abroad would, first must die at home.” (p. 225)

13. Whom did James marry? (p. 229)

14. Mr. Holy-Man listed two things that a man needs in order to go on pilgrimage. What are they? (p. 235)

15. Love-Saint: “[T]ruly there are many that go upon the road, that rather declare themselves _________ to ________, than ________ and _________ on the earth.” (p. 235)

16. Mr. Mnason gave two of his daughters to be married to two of Christiana’s sons. Who married who? (p. 235)

17. “[N]ature is not affected with the _________ that others have ________ with, especially if that thing upon which they look has an attracting ________ upon the foolish _________.” (p. 237)

18. Whom did Great-Heart and his men find in Castle Doubting when they killed the giant and his wife and destroyed the castle? (p. 239)

19. What was the name of Giant Despair’s wife? (p. 239)