Lesson Eight—Porter's House / The Valleys

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Study Guide

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Questions to Answer

1. What strategy did Simple, Sloth and Presumption use to dissuade pilgrims from their path? (p. 181)

2. Why was the water of the spring at the foot of the Hill Difficulty polluted? (p. 182)

3. How had the entrances of the two by-ways at the foot of the Hill Difficulty been modified? (p. 183)

4. “Pilgrims should _________, and remember what they have already received, under their greatest ________; but for want of doing so, oftentimes their rejoicing ends in ________, and their sunshine in a _________.”

5. How did Christiana and her party fail at the beginning of their journey, and so, lost their guide at Porter’s House? (p. 187)

6. What does John Bunyan teach concerning dreams and the work of God? (p. 189)

7. How long did Christiana and her party stay at Porter’s House? (p. 190) What lesson can we glean from this?

8. Name Christian’s sons in order from the oldest to the youngest. (pp. 190-191)

9. What lesson can we glean from Prudence examining the boys with catechism?

10. Why had Mercy never married? (pp. 194-195)

11. What made Matthew sick and what cure did Mr. Skill give him? (pp. 194-195)

12. What was the payment plan that Mr. Skill gave to Christiana for his services? (p. 195)

13. What was Christiana given at Porter’s House to take with her on her journey? (pp. 198, 200)

14. “We need not be so afraid of this Valley [The Valley of Humiliation], for here is nothing to _________ us, unless we procure it to _________.”

15. “I[Mr. Great-Heart] have known many _________ men that have got _________ estates in this Valley of Humiliation.”

16. “All states are full of noise and confusion; only the Valley of Humiliation is that _________ and ________ place. Here a man shall not be so let and hindered in his _________, as in other places he is apt to be.”

17. Who did Christiana and her party see slain in a ditch when they were come among the snares in the Valley of the Shadow of Death? (p. 207)

18. What charges did Maul, the giant, make against Mr. Great-Heart? (p. 208)

19. “It is my [Mr. Great-Heart] _________ to mistrust my own ________, that I may have _________ on Him who is stronger than all.” (p. 209)

20. Who did Christiana and her party find sleeping under an oak tree? (p. 210)