Lesson Six—Celestial City / Part Two: Author's apology

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Study Guide

Terms To Define





Questions To Answer

1. What was Ignorance’s short answer to Christian’s question, “how dost thou think in this matter [justification]?” (p. 121)

2. When Christian questioned Ignorance further, Ignorance shared his belief on justification. Summarize Ignorance’s belief. (p. 121)

3. Summarize the four parts of Christian’s response to Ignorance’s statement on justification. (pp. 121-122)

4. What did Ignorance say would be the result of believing as Christian believed concerning justification? (p. 122)

5. What does Christian identify as the effects of saving faith in the righteousness of Christ? (p. 122)

6. Hopeful: “Christ is so _________ in God from the natural apprehensions of the flesh, that he cannot by any man be savingly ________, unless God the Father _________ [H]im to him.” Explain. (p. 122)

7. How did Ignorance respond to Christian’s direct appeal for Ignorance to acknowledge his sin and turn to the Lord? (p. 123)

8. What does Christian believe to be the natural response of man to the conviction of sin? (pp. 123-124)

9. What does Christian identify as the three determinants of “true or right fear” of God?” (p. 124)

10. What does Christian suggest to be the way in which men try to stifle the conviction of sin? (p. 124)

11. Describe Temporary and the place where he lived. (p. 125)

12. Summarize the four reasons Hopeful gives for men behaving as Temporary. (pp. 125-126)

13. Summarize the manner in which a man like Temporary goes back. (pp. 126-127)

14. Briefly describe Beulah. What is Beulah?

15. What made Christian and Hopeful sick in Beulah?

16. What two dangers did Christian and Hopeful have to pass through before they arrived in the Celestial City? (pp. 128-129)

17. What two men, at this point in history, arrived in the Celestial City without passing through the river? (p. 129)

18. What does the river represent? (p. 129)

19. How deep was the river? (p. 129)

20. What did Christian and Hopeful leave in the river? (p. 130)

21. Describe three of the joys that awaited the pilgrims for when they arrived in the Celestial City. (p. 131)

22. Who helped Ignorance cross the river? (p. 133)

23. Where did the two Shinning Ones take Ignorance? (p. 134)

24. What did Bunyan warn about concerning the interpretation of his dream? (p. 135)

25. What does Bunyan encourage us to do with any dross we may find in his dream? (p. 135)

26. Who are the pilgrims in Bunyan’s part two? (p. 139)

27. Summarize each objection and Bunyan’s

30. After Hopeful became convinced that the Lord Jesus could justify him before God, what objection did he raise? (p. 116)

31. Summarize the effect Hopeful’s salvation had on his soul. (p. 118)

32. How did Ignorance respond to Christian’s question: “How stands it between God and your soul now?” (p. 119)

33. What had Ignorance chosen as his authority? (p. 119)

34. What standard did Christian identify as the sole determiner on whether our thoughts are good or not? (p. 120)