Lesson Three—The Cross / Porter / Apollyon / Faithful

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Study Guide

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Questions To Answer

1. What does the “fire burning against a wall” at Interpreter’s House represent? What roll does the water and oil play in this allegory and who delivers each? (page 30)

2. Explain the significance of the “stately palace” and the man of “stout countenance.” (pages 30-31)

3. Give a description of the man who identifies himself as being what he was not once (“I am what I was not once.”). Why was this man in this condition? (pages 31-32)

4. Explain what Interpreter meant when he said to Christian, “keep all things so in thy mind, that they may be as a goad in thy sides, to prick thee forward in the way thou must go.” (page 33)

5. What was the highway Christian was to follow walled with on either side? (page 34)

6. Where did Christian lose his burden?

7. What did the three Shining Ones give to Christian? (page 34) 8. How did Simple, Sloth and Presumption respond to Christian’s warning? (page 35)

9. Who are Formalist and Hypocrisy and how did they enter the highway that Christian traveled? What was their end? (pages 35-38)

10. Christian—“I walk by the rule of my ______________; you walk by the rude working of your ______________.” (page 36)

11. How does the following illustrate the Christian life? “I looked then after Christian, to see him go up the Hill, where I perceived he fell from running to going, and from going to clambering upon his hands and his knees, because of the steepness of the place.”

12. What was wrong with Christian sleeping at the Arbor? (pages 38-39)

13. What sent Timorous and Mistrust fleeing back the way they had come? (page 38)

14. Christian—“To go back is nothing but ______________; to go forward is fear of death, and ______________ beyond it. I will yet go forward.” (page 38)

15. What was the name of the Porter of the House built by the Lord of the Hill? How did he help Christian pass the lions? (page 40)

16. How did Discretion, Prudence, Piety and Charity help Christian grow spiritually? (pages 41-48)

17. What was Christian’s original name?

18. How did Christian respond to Prudence’s question, “Do you not yet bear way with you some of the things that then you were conversant withal?” How does this illustrate the life of a believer? (pages 43-44)

19. What does Charity mean when she asks Christian, “but did you not, with your vain life, damp all that you, by words, used by way of persuasion to bring them away with you?”

20. What was Christian given at the armory? (page 47)

21. Who did Christian meet in the Valley of Humiliation? (pages 48-49)

22. Who did this enemy in the Valley of Humiliation try to persuade Christian to forfeit his path? (pages 49-51)

23. How did Christian defeat this enemy in the Valley of Humiliation?

24. Describe the Valley of the Shadow of Death and explain how Christian was able to make his way safely through. (pages 52-56)

25. Who are Pope and Pagan and in what condition did Christian find them? (page 56)

26. What was the result of Christian overrunning his friend Faithful? (page 57)

27. Adam the First offered his daughters as brides for Faithful. Who are these daughters? (page 59)

28. Faithful describes an encounter he had with a man on the Hill. This man knocked Faithful around and left him for dead. Who was this man and why was he behaving this way? How did Faithful escape him? (page 60)

Reminder: Make sure you are keeping up with your Character log.