Lesson Ten—Delectable Mountains / Enchanted Ground / Celestial City

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Study Guide

Terms To Define










Questions To Answer

1. How did the Shepherds of Delectable Mountains treat the pilgrims differently and why did they do so? (p. 241)

2. The Shepherds took the pilgrims to several different mounts. Briefly describe each mount and the lesson learned: (pp. 242-243)

  • Mount Marvel
  • Mount Innocent
  • Mount Charity
  • 3. What task did the pilgrims find Fool and Want-Wit involved in? What were they attempting to do, and what was the result? (p. 243)

    4. What did Mercy want the Shepherds to show them? Why do you think she made this request? (p. 243)

    5. What did Mercy long for but was to ashamed to ask the Shepherds for? Why was this item so important to Mercy? (p. 243)

    6. When it was time for the Pilgrims to leave Delectable Mountains we are told that the Shepherds “let them go in peace, but gave not to them those certain cautions which before were given to Christian and his companion.” Why did they withhold these cautions? (pp. 244-245)

    7. How does the story of Turn-Away fit with today’s pragmatic approach to evangelism? (p. 245)

    8. What three choices did Wild-Head, Inconsiderate, and Pragmatic give to Valiant-For-Truth and what was his answer to each choice? (pp. 245-246)

    9. Who did Valiant-For-Truth call upon for help? (p. 246)

    10. What kind of blade did Valiant-For-Truth have? (p. 246)

    11. Does Great-Heart believe we will know each other in heaven? (p. 248)

    12. What arguments did Valiant-For-Truth’s parents use to try to make him stay home? (pp. 248-250)

    13. What helped the Pilgrims through the Enchanted Ground as a great mist and darkness fell upon them? (p. 251

    14. What strategy did the Pilgrims arrive at when they discussed whether or not to help Heedless and Too-Bold? (pp. 252-253)

    15. How did the Pilgrims first find Stand-Fast, and why did they find him this way? (pp. 254-255)

    16. What three things did Madam Bubble offer Stand-Fast? What does Madam Bubble represent? (pp. 255-256)

    17. How did the water of the River that flowed through the Land of Beulah taste? (pp. 257-258)

    18. We are privileged to see several of the Pilgrims receive a “Post.” Choose two accounts, summarize them, and explain why you chose them. (pp. 262-264)

    19. Mr. Stand-Fast: “I have loved to hear my Lord _________ of; and wherever I have seen the ________ of his shoe in the earth, there I have coveted to set my _________ too.”

    20. Where do we find Christian’s children at the story’s end? (p. 264)

    Reminder: Don’t forget to bring your Character Journals to class with you. Come prepared with the following information:
  • Who do I most identify with?
  • Who do I find myself most persuaded by?
  • Who would I choose for a companion for pilgrimage if I could only choose one?