Lesson Two—Author's Apology and Christian Begins His Journey

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Study Guide

Terms To Define


Ad infinitum:

























Questions To Answer

1. What does John say the story of Pilgrim's Progress is all about?

2. What motivated John to write Pilgrim's Progress?

3. Why did John decide to print Pilgrim's Progress?

4. Explain John's use of dark clouds to illustrate the value of Pilgrim's Progress?

5. John uses a fisherman and fowler to illustrate how one should approach Pilgrim's Progress. Explain how these relate.

6. What did John appeal to in defense of his use of allegory in Pilgrim's Progress?

7. What does John hope to accomplish with his allegory?

8. "It seems a ______________, and yet contains nothing but sound and honest ______________ strains." (Page 9)

9. What descriptive label does John give this world as he begins part one?

10. Describe Christian as we first see him and explain each part of the description.

11. Why do we find Christian weeping?

12. What city does Christian live in and what has he come to understand about its future?

13. When Christian's family found out about his trouble what was their four-fold response?

14. How had Christian come to realize his dreadful condition and the future destruction of his city?

15. What was Christian's response when Evangelist asked "why standest thou still?"

16. What did Evangelist point out as Christian's first goal on his journey? What does it represent?

17. When Christian began his journey in haste, what was his family's response and how did he respond to them?

18. How did Christian's neighbors respond to his departure?

19. Who followed after Christian when he first departed the City of Destruction and why did they follow?

20. What reason did Christian give when he was asked by Obstinate why he was leaving their city?

21. What did Christian claim as his authority for his answer to question 20 and his decision to leave his city?

22. What was Obstinate's view of Christian's "book?"

23. What was Pliable's view of Christian's "book?"

24. As Christian and Pliable set out together Pliable encouraged Christian to speed up. What did Christian say was holding him back?

25. What is the source of the Slough of Despond?

26. How many years has the King set his surveyors to patch the Slough of Despond?

27. Who is responsible for the "substantial steps placed even through the very midst of this slough?"

28. Where does Mr. Worldly Wiseman live?

29. What arguments did Mr. Worldly Wiseman use to set Christian on a different path?

30. Where and to whom did Mr. Worldly Wiseman send Christian to get rid of his burden?

31. What does the hill on the route Mr. Worldly Wiseman suggested represent?

32. Who rescues Christian from the hill and how did he rescue Christian?

33. Christian was instructed to abhor Mr. Worldly Wiseman's advice. Explain what Christian is to abhor concerning Mr. Worldly Wiseman's council.

34. Who met Christian at the Wicket Gate?

35. The man at the Wicket Gate set Pilgrim on a specific path. Describe this path.

36. What is the significance of Christian knocking over and over at the house of the interpreter?

37. Describe each room that Interpreter takes Christian into and explain the lesson(s) to be learned.

38. "Things to ______________ and ______________ sense are such strangers one to another."