Lesson Four—Talkative / Vanity Fair / Faithful's Death

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Questions To Answer

1. Who did Faithful meet in the Valley of Humility? How did he try to convince Faithful to turn back? (page 61)

2. Faithful: “I had rather go through this Valley to the honor that was so accounted by the ______________, than choose that which he[person of question 1] esteemed most worthy of our ______________.”

3. What did Shame object to? (pages 61-62)

4. What was Faithful’s response to Shame? (pages 62-63)

5. Put Faithful’s song on page 63 into your own words.

6. What is Talkative’s heritage and why does Christian warn Faithful about him? (pages 64-66)

7. Faithful: “I see that ______________ and ______________ are two things, and hereafter I shall better observe this distinction.” (page 67)

8. What was the main problem with Talkative? (pages 66-67)

9. Faithful uses Leviticus 11:3-7 and Deuteronomy 14:6-8 to describe Talkative. Explain why he did so.

10. What strategy did Christian give Faithful to either challenge Talkative to turn to God or depart Faithful’s company? (page 68)

11. Give Faithful’s response to each of Talkative’s points concerning the discovery of a work of grace in the heart of a man:

“Where the grace of God is in the heart, it causeth there a great outcry against sin.”

“Great knowledge of Gospel mysteries.”

12. Faithful: “There are, therefore, two sorts of knowledge, knowledge that resteth in the bare ______________ of things, and knowledge that is accompanied with the _____________ of faith and love, which puts a man upon doing even the will of _____________ from the heart; the first of these will serve the _____________; but without the other, the true Christian is not ______________.” (page 69)

13. Explain Faithful’s statement: “A work of grace in the soul discovereth itself, either to him that hath it, or to standers-by.” (page 70)

14. What was Talkative’s response to Faithful’s challenging question? (page 71)

15. Christian: “There is but little of this faithful dealing with men now-a-days, and that makes religion to ______________ so in the nostrils of many as it doth; for they are these talkative fools, whose religion is only in _____________, and who are debauched and vain in their _____________, that (being so much admitted into the _____________ of the godly) do puzzle the world, ______________ Christianity, and grieve the sincere.” (page 72)

16. Who did Christian and Faithful travel so easy through the wilderness? (page 72)

17. Evangelist gave Christian and Faithful sever admonitions. Complete each admonition and then explain it.

“The crown is before you…”

“You are not yet out of gunshot…”

“Let the kingdom be always before you…”

“Let nothing that is on this side…”

“Look well to your own hearts…”

“Set your faces like flint…”

18. What is the origin of the Vanity Fair? (pages 74-75)

19. What is pointed out as the chief commodity in all the fairs? Explain. (page 75)

20. What does the fair represent? (page 74-75)

21. What three ways did Christian and Faithful create a hubbub in Vanity Fair? (pages 75-76)

22. How did the citizens of Vanity Fair treat Christian and Faithful? (page 76)

23. Why were Christian and Faithful beat a second time? (page 77)

24. Who is the King of Vanity Fair? (page 78)

25. Who were the three witnesses brought to testify against Christian and Faithful? Summarize the accusations of each. (pages 78-79)

26. Summarize Faithful’s response to each witness? (page 80)

27. How did the judge describe the witnesses? (page 80)

28. What precedents did the judge bring to the jury’s attention before they began their deliberations? Explain how he applied each one to Faithful’s and Christian’s case. (pages 80-81)

29. What was Faithful’s fate? (page 81)

30. How did Christian escape? (page 81)

31. How does Mr. By-Ends describe his religion? (page 83)

32. By-Ends: “You must not ______________, nor _____________ it over my faith; leave me to my ______________, and let me go with you.” (page 84)

33. List the former classmates of By-Ends and describe each briefly. Where did they attend school and who was their school master? (pages 84-85)

34. Rephrase the hypothetical question By-Ends posses on page 86.

35. What points did Mr. Money-Love give in answer to Mr. By-Ends question? (pages 86-87)

36. How did By-Ends and his group decide Mr. Money-Love was right? (page 87)

37. How did Christian answer the question from Mr. By-Ends? List the examples he used to support his answer. (pages 87-88)

38. Who beckons pilgrims to come see the silver mine in the Hill of Lucre? Who is his father and great-grandfather? (pages 89-90)

39. On what did Christian place a bet? (page 87)

40. What spectacle did Christian and Faithful encounter shortly after passing by the silver mine? (page 90)