The Perceived Silence of God

Published on 07/24/17

I don’t think it is just a few that wish that God would express Himself a bit more particularly both to ourselves and the world. We have many accounts within the Scriptures of God speaking out to men. Not the least of them being His pronouncement of pleasure with His Son at His baptism. Yet in these days He seems so silent.

We have been warned in the Scripture of this silence. Paul writes of it in 1 Corinthians 13, saying that these oral expressions of God would end. However, just because these oral expressions have ended it does in no measure suggest that God lies silent. It is our duty in these days to find the answers that we need within the content of His completed Word, the Bible. It is not that He is silent, only that He is not audible.

Any thinking and curious child of God is driven to search the Scriptures to find God’s will and disposition on matters of their interest. The completeness of Scriptures on the matters of life just fascinates me. As I explore the Word I find no lack of information, just a personal lack of acquaintance with the word and a dislike for some of the answers I find.

God is not silent; He speaks loudly and in volumes through His written Word.