Published on 06/05/17

I have only just taken a few minutes to skim the news this morning and have decided to put it aside out of just plain sorrow. Not that it is such bad news so much as it is BAD news. I am so weary of slanted news, news articles with four letter words, careless and baseless attacks on people, and praise of those who are just plain profane.

Last week there was a stir about some “edgy” comedy stuff that was done and it was written that the key to good comedy was going over the “edge”. What really hurts is that so many folks that would profess to be Christians are complicit in this swing into corruption. Have we become so callous that we no longer have any prohibitive conscience regarding this stuff? This kind of behavior and humor used to be limited to back rooms and dark alleys. Now it is on the front page of the paper and in top rated sit-coms.

I know that I have been wandering in my thoughts this morning and have mixed some subjects, but I am just so weary of our world’s loss of nobility and even sanity. Remember when “lady-like” meant something? As I was greeting our folks yesterday morning, some of our ladies came by and my first thought was, “what a treasure”, ladies of good character, godliness and wisdom.

May we never forget our calling; we are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. We have not been called to capitulate to the world but rather to prohibit its dive into profanity.