A Father’s Example

Published on 06/12/17

Over the past thirty years we have seen some of the graphic results that a father’s leadership and example can have in the life of a son. Some of the most visible examples come within the context of sports. We have seen fathers that have a passion for a particular sport that have led and coached their sons to entertain the same passion and, due to particular skill and dedication, they have excelled in those sports.

However, for some, while excelling in those sport pursuits, we have seen them fail miserably in matters of much greater importance. They have been lousy husbands and fathers themselves. It is really a kind of interesting phenomenon. While these fathers have loved and led and pushed their sons into particular skills, they have failed to pass down their own passion for their own family. These original men have loved and been faithful to their wives and have with great devotion led and cared for their children. The children, however, have failed to pick up on that greater devotion and given themselves rather to a lesser pursuit.

Dads, do your sons know what your real passion is? Or is that value hidden away some place? Is all that you speak with your son about limited to conservative politics, sports statistics, or favorite pastimes? The only thing that will really preserve our sons’ lives and their homes is a passion for God. We may need to reexamine our own passions. Have you plateaued or are you continuing to pursue God daily? Is there something concrete about that pursuit, like Bible reading and study? What are you passing along by your own example and priorities?