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Bethel Missions

Bethel Baptist Church has always had a heart for missions. Several from our number have responded to God's call to full time mission work. Our prayer has been and will be that "the Lord of the harvest...would send forth labourers into his harvest" from within the Bethel family (Luke 10:2).

Our missionary influence is global. We currently support two home-missionary families, nine foreign-missionary families, three retired-missionary families, and several missionary agencies. We consider all of these an extension of our church family and staff as we labor for "the Lord of the harvest" together.

Our Missionaries

Art & Deb Brammer — New Zealand

Sparky & Myndii Clancy — Congo

Addie Cook — Retired

Barry & Ellen Farlow — Brazil

Glenn & Karen Gardiner — Retired

Ken Lynch — Evangelist

Dan & Karis Mapes — Ghana

Rick & Gayle McLain — Brazil

Jim & Eileen Patterson — Retired

Aaron and Jenny Peterson — Germany

Steve & Tina Prelgovisk — Puerto Rico

Mark & Jennifer Rubin — Chile

Matt & Juanetta Schrepfer — Eureka, Montana

Roger & Marcy Smith — Brazil