Covid-19 Church Plan

Update 3/27/2020

In response to the most recent directives from our governor and local officials, all church events are canceled through April 10.We will provide a Sunday sermon video via our website on Sunday morning entitled "What Time I Am Afraid."

Update 3/21/2020

We are canceling our March 22, Sunday 11:00 am service.

What You Need to Know Immediately

For the rest of March (Today, March 18, through March 31st)...

Details of Our Plan (3/18/20)

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Dear Bethel Family,

There is no doubt the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the concern about it are impacting the world in a very rapid manner. It is normal to be concerned as we hear of people affected by this virus. We want to ensure you; we are encouraged that the Lord is still sovereign over all! Because we trust in the LORD, we will not be shaken! We will rest and trust in the LORD (Psalm 62:1-2, 56:3).

Last Sunday we mentioned a general, three-part plan for conducting ourselves through these days:

  1. Trust in the Lord.
  2. Use your head.
  3. Trust in the Lord.

We acknowledge that taking this virus seriously will help slow its spread and is a way of doing good to others and trying our best to live peaceably with all men (Galatians 6:10, Romans 12:18).

We want to be Biblically wise, therefore we are expanding part two of our plan by implementing the following based on the information we have:

The information we have:

General Guidelines
Minimal-to-Moderate Level Guidelines

(With the information we have gathered, our understanding of the discretion of community leadership is that gatherings have been limited to no more than 50. (Governor Bullock, 3.15.20))

The Plan We are Implementing

1. Regular Church Services
For the rest of March, from March 18th to March 31st, we will only have Sunday Morning worship service at 11:00 with the following caveats:
2. Wednesday Prayer/Bible Study/Children’s Program
All activities are canceled during this time frame (Rest of March).
3. Vacation Bible School
VBS will be canceled for the time being. We are very thankful for our willing volunteers who make this ministry possible, and we look forward to offering this ministry to our community at a later date with our full team.
4. Men’s and Women’s Bible Study
Bible studies will not meet during this time frame (Rest of March).
5.Clean Team
The Clean Team is released from their duties during this time frame (Rest of March). The building will be sanitized by others who will follow the CDC recommendations.

Let us Know

Please let us know if you or your at-risk neighbors have any needs (groceries, medication, other necessities). Please call Pastor John (406-471-8752) or Hope (406-249-3475) rather than the church number.

Recommendations for Spiritual Food

Since we are not set up to provide live streaming of our services, we are making the following recommendations of trusted resources for those who can not join us:

Pastor Jeff Redlin (Campus Church) will be broadcasting at the times specified on this schedule.

If Things Change

If it becomes necessary to make changes to our plan, those changes will be posted on our website and recorded on the church phone (406-755-5062). It is up to you to check for changes or updates.

Remember you are a reflection of Christ that is much needed light in these dark times (Matthew 5:14). We press on no matter the circumstances to live out our faith, loving our neighbor as ourselves (Galatians 5:14). As we “cast our cares upon Him” (1 Peter 5:7), we will be able to communicate peace rather than anxiety to those around us. We look forward to when this is behind us and we can return to “normal.” This is a good reminder of how important our church family and her regular meetings and ministry are.

In Christ, who is our Hope,
Pastor John and Hope Weber
Ray and Wendy Bicknell

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