The following is the preamble to the Constitution, By-laws and Statement of Faith of Bethel Baptist Church, Kalispell Montana.

Reposing our faith

in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation, believing in the teaching and practice of the Baptists, and those great distinctive principles for which they have stood, namely:

1. The Lordship of Jesus Christ
2. The Bible the standard of Faith and practice
3. Regenerated membership
4. Believer's baptism (by immersion)
5. Progressive sanctification
6. Soul liberty
7. Congregational government
8. Separation of Church and State
9. Separation from all Eccumenicalism and their affiliates,

we band ourselves together as a body of immersed believers in Jesus Christ and adopt, ordain, and establish for our government and plan of worship and service the following declaration of faith, covenant, constitution, by-laws and standing rules.